Cover of Leadership Team Alignment by Frédéric Godart and Jacques Neatby
Leadership Team Alignment
From Conflict to Collaboration
Frédéric Godart and Jacques Neatby

August 2023
232 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9781503630826



Leadership Team Alignment provides evidence-based strategy and solutions from two authors who bring a wealth of practical experience buttressed by an in-depth knowledge of the Leadership Team research. This work is based on over five hundred hours of direct observation of over forty leadership teams on different continents, and thousands more hours working with their executives assessing team challenges and implementing solutions to address them. Global companies examined in depth span the financial services, gaming, health, media, construction, transport, hospitality, aerospace and chemicals industries. The result is a targeted strategy for building and managing a top executive team to gain competitive advantage. The book debunks much of the received wisdom regarding the sources of leadership team dysfunctionality and explains why commonly adopted remedies end up doing more harm than good. Distinct and empirically driven, this work is the needed action plan for creating alignment from the leadership team and across organizations to maximize performance.

About the authors

Frédéric Godart is an INSEAD professor in Paris and Singapore who began his career with McKinsey & Company in Europe, and who has long studied power relationships and network effects at the top of organizations.

Jacques Neatby, a former executive at a global leader in the testing and inspection industry, is a North-America-based team expert who has spent two decades advising the executive teams of leading multinationals in North America, Europe and Asia, including as a special advisor to the leadership teams of the world's largest construction materials company.