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Women in Motion
Globalization, State Policies, and Labor Migration in Asia
Nana Oishi


264 pages.
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Women make up about half of the world's migrants, so it is little surprise that the international migration of women has been attracting significant attention in recent years. Most agree that global restructuring increasingly forces a large number of women in developing countries to emigrate to richer countries. But is poverty the only motivating factor?

In Women in Motion, Nana Oishi examines the cross-national patterns of international female migration in Asia. Drawing on fieldwork in ten countries—both migrant-sending and migrant-receiving—the author investigates the differential impact of globalization, state policies, individual autonomy, and various social factors. This is the first study of its kind to provide an integrative approach to and a comparative perspective on female migration flows from multiple countries.

About the author

Nana Oishi is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

"In a welcome study of migrant domestic workers, Nana Oishi offers us a rare contextual integration of analysis at the international, state, society, and individual level, not only of the sending and receiving countries, but also of those that resist allowing women workers to labor overseas, regardless of need... This meticulous study is relevant to both policy makers and graduate students seeking to place research in a global context."

—Heather Dell, University of Illinois at Springfield, Feminist Formations

"One of the most comprehensive comparative studies of women's migration to date."

—Kristen Hill Maher, San Diego State University

"Nana Oishi's groundbreaking book documents the important theoretical and policy implications posed by female migrants' experiences, and offers a vivid and sympathetic description of the actual experiences of these women living so far from home. Wide ranging in scope, brilliantly argued, and drawing on a breathtaking scope of empirical research, this book is destined to be an instant classic to students of international migration, globalization, Asian societies, and gender studies, as well as an indispensable guide for policy makers, nongovernmental organizations, and state officials."

—Mary C. Waters, Harvard University

"Elucidating how government policies interact with women's motivations to shape labor migration in Asia, Nana Oishi makes an important contribution to our understanding of how globalization generates and perpetuates the migration of women. She writes with intelligence and empathy about the opportunities and risks that migration entails. A highly readable and interesting book."

—Hania Zlotnik, Director, Population Division, United Nations

"A recent severe increase in demand for female migrant workers prompted Oishi to study the international migration of women. Her ethnographic fieldwork in 10 Asian countries is collected for scholars and policy makers in order to better understand the plight of these women."

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"This book is highly stimulating and comprehensive in scope."

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