Cover of Business Driven Information Technology by Edited by David R. Laube and Raymond F. Zammuto
Business Driven Information Technology
Answers to 100 Critical Questions for Every Manager
Edited by David R. Laube and Raymond F. Zammuto


544 pages.

Paperback ISBN: 9780804749435



Information technology is a critical element of virtually every business. But effectively aligning and using it to achieve business objectives is very difficult. That is because success requires so many elements to be done properly. Over 60 business leaders and university faculty members have collaborated to bring together insights from a broad spectrum of disciplines—from strategy and finance to information systems and project management. This information is contained in clearly written, concise answers to 100 questions that every manager needs to know to use information technology effectively. Each answer includes references to web and print resources for readers needing more detailed or the most current information. Business professionals will value the book because it covers a range of important areas that few know completely. University students will find the book a valuable source of necessary information for technology and management courses. Rarely is so much diverse expertise brought together and focused in a single book. It will become an essential resource for anyone working with information systems in an organization.

About the authors

David R. Laube is the former Chief Information Officer for US WEST, the regional Bell telephone company. He led the largest information technology organization in Colorado. Raymond F. Zammuto is Professor of Management at the Business School of the University of Colorado at Denver. He is the author of Assessing Organizational Effectiveness: Systems Change, Adaptation and Strategy and Organizations: Theory and Design (with A. Bedeian). Over 60 authors contributed answers to the 100 questions. These authors included CEOs, COOs, CIOs and other senior business leaders, partners and executives of major services firms such as Accenture, Deloitte & Touche LLP, EDS, J.D. Edwards, Oracle, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP as well as faculty members of the Business School of the University of Colorado at Denver. All royalties earned from the sale of this book have been donated by the authors to the Business School at the University of Colorado, Denver.