The Third Dimension of Science
Edited by Soraya de Chadarevian and Nick Hopwood


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

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Models: The Third Dimension of Science

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Editors' Acknowledgments


1.      Dimensions of Modelling, by Nick Hopwood and Soraya de Chadarevian

Part One: Modelling and Enlightenment

2.      Representing Invention, Viewing Models, by Malcolm Baker

3.      Plastic Anatomies and Artificial Dissections, by Renato G. Mazzolini

4.      Fish and Ships: Models in the Age of Reason, by Simon Schaffer

Part Two: Disciplines and Display

5.      Modelling Monuments and Excavations, by Christopher Evans

6.      Monsters at the Crystal Palace, by James A. Secord

7.      Plastic Publishing in Embryology, by Nick Hopwood

8.      Casting Skin: Meanings for Doctors, Artists, and Patients, by Thomas Schnalke

9.      Molecules and Croquet Balls, by Christoph Meinel

10.  Mathematical Models, by Herbert Mehrtens

11.  Science, Art, and Authenticity in Natural History Displays, by Lynn K. Nyhart

Part Three: New Media and Old

12.  Models and the Making of Molecular Biology, by Soraya de Chadarevian

13.  Secrets Hidden by Two-Dimensionality: The Economy as a Hydraulic Machine, by Mary S. Morgan and Marcel Boumans

14.  From Model Kits to Interactive Computer Graphics, by Eric Francoeur and Jérôme Segal


15.  Three-Dimensional Models in Philosophical Perspective, by James Griesemer

16.  Material Models as Visual Culture, by Ludmilla Jordanova