Education and Intergenerational Social Mobility in Europe and the United States
Edited by Richard Breen and Walter Müller


1Introduction: Social Mobility and Education in the Twentieth Century  Richard Breen, Walter Müller
2Methodological Preliminaries  Richard Breen
3The Land of Opportunity? Trends in Social Mobility and Education in the United States  Florian R. Hertel, Fabian T. Pfeffer
4Sweden, the Middle Way? Trends and Patterns in Social Mobility and Educational Inequality  Richard Breen, Jan O. Jonsson
5Intergenerational Mobility and Social Fluidity in France over Birth Cohorts and Age: The Role of Education  Louis-André Vallet
6Education as an Equalizing Force: How Declining Education Inequality and Educational Expansion Have Contributed to More Social Fluidity in Germany  Reinhard Pollak, Walter Müller
7The Swiss El Dorado? Education and Social Mobility in Twentieth-Century Switzerland  Julie Falcon
8The Role of Education in the Social Mobility of Dutch Cohorts, 1908–1974  Richard Breen, Ruud Luijkx, Eline Berkers
9Education and Social Fluidity in Contemporary Italy: An Analysis of Cohort Trends  Carlo Barone, Raffaele Guetto
10Intergenerational Social Mobility in Twentieth-Century Spain: Social Fluidity without Educational Equalization?  Carlos J. Gil-Hernández, Fabrizio Bernardi, Ruud Luijkx
11Social Mobility in the Twentieth Century in Europe and the United States  Richard Breen and Walter Müller