Blown by the Spirit
Puritanism and the Emergence of an Antinomian Underground in Pre-Civil-War England
David R. Como


Untitled Document Table of Contents for Blown by the Spirit

List of Abbreviations

1. Introduction
2. The Sinews of the Antinomian Underground
3. London’s Antinomian Controversy
4. The Intellectual Context of Controversy: Law, Faith, and the Paradoxes of Puritan Pastoral Divinity
5. The Kingdom of Traske: The Early Career of John Traske and the Origins of Antinomianism
6. John Eaton, the Eatonists, and the “Imputative” Strain of English Antinomianism
7. The Throne of Solomon: John Everarde and the “Perfectionist” Strain of English Antinomianism
8. The Grindletonians: Protestant Perfectionism in the North of England
9. Two Strains Crossed: Hybrid Forms of English Antinomianism
10. Ultra-Antinomianism?
11. Forging Heresy: Mainstream Puritans and Laudians on Antinomianism

Epilogue: 1640 and Beyond

A. The Influence of Familism in Seventeenth-Century England
B. Familist Extracts from the Diary of Edward Howes
C. Truth and Fiction in the Archives: Sources, Source—Skepticism, and the Sport of Heresy-Hunting
D. Schedule of Errors Alleged Against Roger Brearley
E. Letter of John Eachard, 1631