The Mind of Modernism
Medicine, Psychology, and the Cultural Arts in Europe and America, 1880-1940
Edited by Mark S. Micale


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Table of Contents for The Mind of Modernism

Introduction: The Modernist Mind—A Map, by Mark S. Micale

The Modernist Mind: A Timeline

Part I. Cultures of Hysteria

•  Discourses of Hysteria in Fin-de-Siècle France, by Mark S. Micale

•  From Charcot to Charlot: Unconscious Imitation and Spectatorship in French Cabaret and Early Cinema, by Rae Beth Gordon

•  Automatisme Ambulatoire : Fugue, Hysteria, and Gender at the Turn of the Century, by Ian Hacking

Part II. Technologies of the Psyche

•  In Your Face: Physiognomy, Photography, and the Gnostic Mission of Early Film, by Tom Gunning

•  Freud the Modernist, by John Brenkman

•  Shock Effects: Marinetti, Pathology, and Italian Avant-Garde Poetics, by Lawrence Rainey

Part III. Medicine, Literature, and Modernism

•  Playing with Signatures: The Young Charles Richet, by Jacqueline Carroy

•  Writing Psychology Over: Gertrude Stein and William James, by Steven Meyer

Part IV. Transformations of the Self

•  Between Science and Art: Freud versus Schnitzler, Kafka, and Musil, by David Joravsky

•  Refashioning the Masculine Subject in Early Modernism: Narratives of Self-Dissolution and Self-Construction in Psychoanalysis and Literature, 1900-1914, by John E. Toews

Part V. Modernism and Anti-Psychologism

•  T.E. Hulme, Henri Bergson, and the Cultural Politics of Psychologism, by Jesse Matz

•  Modernism and the Specter of Psychologism, by Martin Jay