Contract and Property in Early Modern China
Edited by Madeleine Zelin, Jonathan K. Ocko, and Robert Gardella


Table of Contents for Rights for Belonging

Table of Contents for Contract and Property in Early Modern China

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Introduction, by Madeleine Zelin, Jonathan Ocko, Robert Gardella

Part One: Contract and the Establishment of Property Rights

  1. A Critique of Rights of Property in Prewar China, by Madeleine Zelin
  2. Writs of Passage in Late Imperial China: The Documentation of Practical Understandings in Minong, Taiwan, by Myron L. Cohen
  3. Litigation, Legitimacy, and Lethal Violence: Why County Courts Failed to Prevent Violent Disputes over Property in Eighteenth-Century China, by Thomas Buoye
  4. Property, Taxes, and State Protection of Rights, by Anne Osborne
  5. The Status of Contracts in Nineteenth-Century Chinese Courts, by Mark A. Allee
  6. The Missing Metaphor: Applying Western Legal Scholarship to the Study of Contract and Property in Early Modern China, by Jonathan Ocko

Part Two: Contract and the Practice of Business

  1. Supplemental Payment in Urban Property Contracts in Mid to Late Qing Shanghai, by Feng Shaoting
  2. Managing Multiple Ownership at the Zigong Salt Yard, by Madeleine Zelin
  3. Custom, the Code, and Legal Practice: The Contracts of Changlu Salt Merchants in Late Imperial China, by Man Bun Kwan
  4. Companies in Debt: Financial Arrangements in the Textile Industry in the Lower Yangzi Delta, 1895-1937, by Tomoko Shiroyama
  5. Contracting Business Partnerships in Late Qing and Republican China: Paradigms and Patterns, by Robert Gardella

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