Politics from Anarchy to Democracy
Rational Choice in Political Science
Edited by Irwin L. Morris, Joe A. Oppenheimer, and Karol Edward Soltan


Table of Contents for Politics from Anarchy to Democracy

Table of Contents for Politics from Anarchy to Democracy

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1.      Rational Choice and Politics, by Irwin L. Morris and Joe A. Oppenheimer

Part I.† From Anarchy to Society

2.      The Rational Foundations of Social Institutions: An Evolutionary Analysis, by Jonathan Bendor and Piotr Swistak

3.      The Political Economy of Kinship Societies, by Robert H. Bates, Avner Greif, and Smita Singh

Part II.† Institutional Design

4.      Rational Choice Political Philosophy, by Russell Hardin

5.      Constraining Rational Choice, by Gary Miller and Dino Falaschetti

6.      Can Political Institutions Improve Citizensí Competence?, by Arthur Lupia

Part III.† Toward Democracy

7.      Constructing Self-Enforced Democracy in Spain, by Barry R. Weingast

8.      Institutionalizing Constitutional Democracy: The Role of Courts, by Jack Knight and Lee Epstein


9.      Rational Choice and Theoretical History, by Karol Edward Soltan