A Guide to the Zohar
Arthur Green


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Table of Contents for A Guide to the Zohar

Diagram of the Ten Sefirot


Part I. Introduction

•  Prologue

•  The Kabbalistic Tradition: A Brief History Until the Zohar

•  Teachings of the Kabbalists: The Ten Sefirot

Part II. What is the Zohar?

•  The Zohar: Midrash on the Torah

•  The Zohar Narrative

•  Mysticism of the Zohar

•  The Zohar in Historical Context

Part III. Selected Themes within the Zohar

•  Creation and Origins

•  Between Worlds

•  Evil and the Demonic

•  Torah and Revelation

•  The Commandments

•  Avodah : The Life of Worship

•  The Tsaddiq and the Life of Piety

•  The Jewish People, Exile, and Messiah

Part IV. The Zohar as Text

•  Special Sections of the Zohar

•  The Question of Authorship

•  The Language of the Zohar

•  Editing and Printing of the Zohar

•  Influence and Canonization of the Zohar