Rethinking Security in East Asia
Identity, Power, and Efficiency
Edited by J.J. Suh, Peter J. Katzenstein, and Allen Carlson


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Table of Contents for

Rethinking Security in East Asia

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1 Rethinking Asian Security: A Case for Analytical Eclecticism

peter j. katzenstein and rudra sil

2 Beijing’s Security Behavior in the Asia-Pacific: Is China a

Dissatisfied Power?

alastair iain johnston

3 Japan and Asian-Pacific Security

peter j. katzenstein and nobuo okawara

4 Bound to Last? The U.S.-Korea Alliance and Analytical Eclecticism

j. j. suh

5 Coping with Strategic Uncertainty: The Role of Institutions and

Soft Balancing in Southeast Asia’s Post–Cold War Strategy

yuen foong khong

6 The Value of Rethinking East Asian Security: Denaturalizing and

Explaining a Complex Security Dynamic

allen carlson and j. j. suh