Strategic ERP Extension and Use
Edited by Elliot Bendoly and F. Robert Jacobs


Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

Strategic ERP Extension and Use

1.      Introduction: Realizing the Epic Dream of ERP, by E. Bendoly and F.R. Jacobs

Part I: ERP Rebirth and Advanced Viewpoints

2.      Strategy as a Critical Factor in Applied ERP Success, by S. Abdinnour-Helm and C. Lengnick-Hall

3.      The "New" Users: SMEs and the Mittelstand Experience, by T. Schoenherr, M.A. Venkataramanan, A. Soni, V.A. Mabert, and D. Hilpert

4.      Enterprise Applications: Building Best-of-Breed Systems, by V.A. Mabert and C.A. Watts

5.      Getting More Results from Enterprise Systems, by T.H. Davenport, J.G. Harris, and s. Cantrell

Part II: Value Extensions Beyond the Enterprise

6.      Agility Through Standardization: A CRM/ERP Application, by T.F. Gattiker, D. Chen, and D.L. Goodhue

7.      ERPóDriven Replenishment Strategies in Make-to-Order Settings, by E.P. Robinson Jr. and F. Sahin

8.      ERP as a Platform for Vendor Managed Inventory, by M.V. Tatikonda, C.V. Brown, and I. Vessey

9.      ITóSupported Productivity: Paradoxes and Resolution in R&D, by D.A. Joseph and J. Ettlie

10.  ERP as a Resource for Inter-Organizational Value Creation, by T.E. Vollmann

Part III: Future Visibility and Accountability

11.  Enabling ERP Through Auto-ID Technology, by E.W. Schuster, D.L. Brock, S.J. Allen, P. Kar, and M. Dinning

12.  Auditing the System in Use: Value Beyond the Baseline, by J. Sarkis and R.P. Sundarraj

13.  The Path of the Enlightened Manager: Prescriptions for ERP Evolution, by L.L. David and E. Bendoly