Commemorating Pushkin
Russia's Myth of a National Poet
Stephanie Sandler


Table of Contents for Commemorating Pushkin

Table of Contents for Commemorating Pushkin


Introduction: Transformative Myths and Acts of Possession


1.      Pushkin Is Dead: The Elegies of Mikhail Lermontov, Vasily Zhukovsky, and Evdokia Rosopchina


2.      The Making of Museum Culture: The Poet’s Spirit and the Work of Remembrance


3.      Solid Gold Pushkin: Anniversary Commemorations and the Time Lines of a Story


4.      Document, Fidelity, and the Cinematic Edge


5.      Anna Akhmatova’s Pushkin: Allegories, Ethics, Grieving for the Dead


6.      Marina Tsvetaeva’s Pushkin and the Poet’s Identities


7.      Andrei Bitov and the Mystifications of Self and Story


Afterward: Ending/Beginning with Andrei Sinyavsky/Abram Tertz