Cover of Rural Guatemala, 1760-1940 by David McCreery
Rural Guatemala, 1760-1940
David McCreery


464 pages.

Hardcover ISBN: 9780804723183



This comprehensive study of rural development in Guatemala extends from the late colonial period through the transformation of the economy by the introduction of larger-scale coffee production.

About the author

"McCreery is possibly the preeminent North American historian of rural Guatemala. This book is a meticulously documented account of the transformations in the Guatemalan countryside over almost two centuries, and McCreery's command of the primary sources and his careful and responsible handling of the materials are extremely impressive. . . . This is an outstanding contribution to our understanding of the history and historiography of Guatemala and Latin America."


"McCreery weaves a rich tapestry of the intricacies of rural Guatemala over two centuries. . . . His in-depth mining of the archives produces a level of historical description and analysis that makes this a foundation work both in methodology and as a study of a particular area. . . . The book is indispensable reading for anyone seeking to understand the historical roots of contemporary Guatemala."

Agricultural History

"An important addition to the literature on agrarian change in Latin America, and one of the finest works we have on the transition to capitalism. . . . The author's skillful use of archival materials spanning two centuries makes for an engaging read throughout. . . . A superb study that will endure for years as the standard work on the transformation of rural Guatemala."

Latin American Studies

"McCreery's arguments are compelling, based on . . . a sophisticated theoretical framework and a careful presentation of evidence."

Journal of Peasant Studies