Cover of The Politics of Trade in Latin American Development by Steven E. Sanderson
The Politics of Trade in Latin American Development
Steven E. Sanderson


308 pages.

Paperback ISBN: 9780804720212
Ebook ISBN: 9780804765626



In this innovative synthesis and reconstruction of the role of trade in Latin American development, the author asks what have been the political terms of trade in Latin America, and why have they differed so much from the multilateral and national trade politics of the advanced capitalist countries, especially the United States? He shows, in great detail, how a new conceptual approach to this question can help us to understand why, and with what limits, Latin America now seems ready to accept the mantle of free trade. This book is a unique attempt to link some of the most provocative hypotheses from the literatures of international trade, development, regional economic history, and resource management to national politics in Latin America.

About the author

"A demanding but very rewarding study. . . . It takes the trouble to explain carefully, and with extensive documentation the differences and similarities of the various countries. . . . And it is rewarding because, unlike most of the literature on trade and trade policy, it argues that economic growth and social policy cannot be divorced. . . . An excellent book."

International Affairs