Cover of Mobility and Inequality by Edited by Stephen L. Morgan, David B. Grusky, and Gary S. Fields
Mobility and Inequality
Frontiers of Research in Sociology and Economics
Edited by Stephen L. Morgan, David B. Grusky, and Gary S. Fields


488 pages.
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How often do working-class children obtain college degrees and then pursue professional careers? Conversely, how frequently do the children of doctors and lawyers fail to enter high status careers upon completion of their schooling? As inequalities of wealth and income have increased in industrialized nations over the past 30 years, have patterns of between-generation mobility changed?

In this volume, leading sociologists and economists present original findings and conceptual arguments in response to questions like these. After assessing the range of mobility patterns observed in recent decades, the volume considers the mechanisms that generate mobility, focusing on both the training and skills that are rewarded in the labor market as well as the role of educational institutions in certifying graduates for professional positions. The volume concludes with chapters that assess the contexts of social mobility, examining the impact of macroeconomic conditions and societal levels of inequality on social and economic mobility.

About the authors

Stephen L. Morgan is Director of the Center for Study of Inequality and Associate Professor of Sociology at Cornell University. David B. Grusky is Professor of Sociology at Stanford University. Gary S. Fields is Professor of Labor Economics at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.

"This volume is the best source for any scholar seeking a one-volume treatment of current issues and findings on mobility and inequality."

—George Farkas, University of California, Irvine

"Mobility and Inequality delivers on its promise to integrate sociological and economic approaches to inequality. Leading scholars assess the past and set the future agenda for mobility research."

—Mike Hout, University of California, Berkeley

"In Mobility and Inequality, some of the very best scholars in economics and sociology bring the intergenerational mobility literature forward in ways that conventional journal articles generally are unable to do. By blending these approaches to mobility research, the book brings the two academic fields closer to each other than I ever have seen before."

—Anders Björklund, Stockholm University