Robinson Jeffers
Poet and Prophet
James Karman


Contents and Abstracts
Section 1: 1887–1905
chapter abstract

Parents William Hamilton Jeffers and Annie Tuttle Jeffers; birth; education in Europe; college graduation

Section 2: 1905–1910
chapter abstract

Graduate literary studies; medical school; affair with Una Kuster; forestry

Section 3: 1910–1915
chapter abstract

Marriage to Una; birth and death of daughter; move to Carmel, California; death of father; book: Flagons and Apples (1912)

Section 4: 1915–1920
chapter abstract

World War I; birth of twin sons; finding a poetic voice; The Alpine Christ; construction of Tor House; book: Californians (1916)

Section 5: 1920–1925
chapter abstract

Response to Modernism; building of Hawk Tower; The Tower Beyond Tragedy;

Section 6: 1925–1930
chapter abstract

Fast pace of American life; Carmel as tourist attraction; growing circle of visitors and friends; travel to British Isles; Great Depression; books: The Women at Point Sur (1927); Cawdor and Other Poems (1928); Dear Judas and Other Poems (1929)

Section 7: 1930–1935
chapter abstract

Friendship with Mabel Dodge Luhan; travel to Taos, New Mexico; premonitions; At the Birth of an Age; books: Descent to the Dead: Poems Written in Ireland and Great Britain (1931); Thurso's Landing and Other Poems (1932); Give Your Heart to the Hawks and Other Poems (1933); Solstice and Other Poems (1935); Roan Stallion, Tamar and Other Poems (Modern Library edition, 1935)

Section 8: 1935–1940
chapter abstract

Machine Age; Bixby Creek Bridge; New Deal; science and technology; Spanish Civil War; neutrality; travel to British Isles; marriage crisis; anxiety and premonitions; books: Such Counsels You Gave to Me and Other Poems (1937); The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (1938)

Section 9: 1940–1945
chapter abstract

Library of Congress lecture; college and university lecture tour; World War II; Mara; The Bowl of Blood; election to American Academy of Arts and Letters; named Chancellor of Academy of American Poets; book: Be Angry at the Sun and Other Poems (1941)

Section 10: 1945–1950
chapter abstract

End of World War II; Broadway production of Dear Judas; Broadway production of Medea; "Poetry, Góngorism, and a Thousand years;" sons' marriages; grandchildren; travel to British Isles; health crises; books: Medea (1946); The Double Axe and Other Poems (1948)

Section 11: 1950–1955
chapter abstract

Death of Una; Korean War; Broadway production of The Tower Beyond Tragedy; publication of Visits to Ireland: Travel Diaries of Una Jeffers; revivals of Medea; performances of The Cretan Woman; book: Hungerfield and Other Poems (1954)

Section 12: 1955–1962
chapter abstract

Travel to British Isles; community plan for Tor House; Not Man Apart; The Loving Shepherdess; attack by Kenneth Rexroth; international acclaim; death; book: The Beginning and the End and Other Poems (1963, posthumous publication)

Section 13: Afterword
chapter abstract

Modern poetry; Jeffers' achievement