The Truth of the Technological World
Essays on the Genealogy of Presence
Friedrich A. Kittler, with an afterword by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, translated by Erik Butler



1. Poet, Mother, Child: On the Romantic Invention of Sexuality

2. Nietzsche (1844–1900)

3. Lullaby of Birdland

4. The God of the Ears

5. Flechsig, Schreber, Freud: An Information Network at the Turn of the Century

6. Romanticism, Psychoanalysis, Film: A Story of Doubles

7. Media and Drugs in Pynchon’s Second World War

8. Heinrich von Ofterdingen as Data Feed

9. World-Breath: On Wagner’s Media Technology

10. The City Is a Medium

11. Rock Music: A Misuse of Military Equipment

12. Signal-to-Noise Ratio

13. The Artificial Intelligence of World War: Alan Turing

14. Unconditional Surrender

15. Protected Mode

16. There Is No Software

17. Il fiore delle truppe scelte

18. Eros and Aphrodite

19. Homer and Writing

20. The Alphabet of the Greeks: On the Archeology of Writing

21. In the Wake of the Odyssey

22. Martin Heidegger, Media, and the Gods of Greece: De-severance Heralds the Approach of the Gods

23. Pathos and Ethos: An Aristotelian Observation

24. Media History as the Event of Truth: On the Singularity of Friedrich A. Kittler’s Works—An Afterword by Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht