Beyond Common Knowledge
Empirical Approaches to the Rule of Law
Edited by Erik G. Jensen and Thomas C. Heller


Table of Contents



Introduction, by Erik G. Jensen and Thomas C. Heller


1.      Evaluating Systems of Justice Through Public Opinion:  Why, What, Who, How, and What For?, by José Juan Toharia


2.      Judicial Systems in Western Europe:  Comparative Indicators of Legal Professionals, Courts, Litigation, and Budgets in the 1900s, by Erhard Blankenburg


3.      Debased Informalism:  Lok Adalats and Legal Rights in Modern India, by Marc Galanter and Jayanth K. Krishnan


4.      Democratization of Justice:  The Indian Experiment with Consumer Forums, by Robert S. Moog


5.      Empirical Research into the Chinese Judicial System, by Donald C. Clarke


6.      Putting China’s Judiciary into Perspective:  Is It Independent, Competent, and Fair?, by Hualing Fu


7.      Economic and Political Aspects of Judicial Reform:  The Chilean Case, by Carlos Peña González


8.      Judicial Reform in Mexico:  What Next?, by Héctor Fix-Fierro


9.      International Assistance to Latin American Justice Programs:  Toward an Agenda for Reforming the Reformers, by Linn Hammergren


10.  The Rule of Law and Judicial Reform:  The Political Economy of Diverse Institutional Patterns and Reformers’ Responses, by Erik G. Jensen


11.  An Immodest Postscript, by Thomas C. Heller