Realms of Freedom in Modern China
Edited by William C. Kirby


Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Introduction, by William C. Kirby


1.      The Moral Autonomy of the Individual in Confucian Tradition, by Irene Bloom

2.      Chinese Law and Liberty in Comparative Historical Perspective, by William C. Jones

3.      Economic Freedom in Late Imperial China, by Madeleine Zelin

4.      Rights, Freedoms, and Customs in the Making of Chinese Civil Law, 1900-1936

5.      The Chinese Party-State under Dictatorship and Democracy on the Mainland and on Taiwan, by William C. Kirby

6.      Workers’ Patrols in the Chinese Revolution: A Case of Institutional Inversion, by Elizabeth J. Perry

7.      Discourses of Dissent in Post-Imperial China, by Wen-Hsin Yeh

8.      The Stalinization of the People’s Republic of China, by Arlen Meliksetov and Alexander Pantsov

9.      Have You Eaten?  Have You Divorced?  Debating the Meaning of Freedom in Marriage in China, by William P. Alford and Yuanyuan Shen

10.  Realms of Freedom in Post-Mao China, by Jean C. Oi

11.  Worship, Teachings, and State Power in China and Taiwan, by Robert P. Weller