Table of Contents for Knowledge and Money

Table of Contents for

The J. Hillis Miller Reader



Introduction: responsibilities of J or, aphorism's other, by Julian Wolfreys

1.      The Ethics of Reading

  1. The Critic as Host
  2. The Ethics of Narration
  3. The Ethics of Reading: Vast Gaps and Parting Hours
  4. Reading Telling: Kant


Miller's Tale, by Derek Attridge

To Read a Picture, by Mieke Bal

J. Hillis Miller: Miller's Crossing, (under erasure), by Juliet Flower McCannell

2.      Victorian Interests

  1. Emily Brontë
  2. The Creation of the Self in Gerard Manley Hopkins
  3. Hardy


The Critic as Orpheus, by Pamela K. Gilbert

Hillis Among the Victorians, by James R. Kincaid

3.      Twentieth-Century Occasions

  1. Mrs. Dalloway: Repetition as the Raising of the Dead
  2. Franz Kafka and the Metaphysics of Alienation
  3. Wallace Steven's Poetry of Being


'Poised in their irreconciliation': Literary loss and Recovery in J. Hillis Miller's Twenieth-Century Occaions, by Thomas Albrecht

'When the Gods Dissolve like Clouds': Modernism, Modernity, and the Space of Literature, by Arkady Plotnitsky

Ghostly Preoccupations: Response to J. Hillis Miller, 'The Ethics of Topography: Stevens', by Nicholas Royle

4.      Practice and Theory

  1. Line
  2. How to Read Literature
  3. The Problematic of Ending in Narrative
  4. The Function of Literary Theory at the Present Time
  5. What is Iterability?
  6. 'Je t'aime'
  7. A Profession of Faith


'How About a Game of Tennis?' by Megan Becker-Leckrone

Response to J. Hillis Miller, 'A Profession of Faith', by Rachel Bowlby

Hillis Miller: Flâneur of the Archive, by Tom Cohen

5.      Pedagogical and Political Commitments

  1. Paul de Man's Wartime Writings
  2. President's Column
  3. The Imperative to Teach
  4. Politicizing Art—What Are Cultural Studies?
  5. Literary Study in the Transnational University


(c)(s)I(gh)ting the ungovernable translation, by John P. Leavey, Jr.

J. Hillis Miller: In Print and Online, by Barbara L. Cohen

Why Literature? A Profession: An Interview with J. Hillis Miller

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Bibliography of Works by J. Hillis Miller

J. Hillis Miller: a Brief Professional Chronology